A back pack adventure in Venezuela ended up in a marriage, and since then it has always been our goal, to work together helping others. Coincidences did that we ended up here in Altea. And we love it here, we think it is good safe environment, to bring up our son.

Introducing Jasmin, she is Venezuelan, she has worked with Natures Sunshine products for P1000615more then 20 years. The interest for massage, began when Filip demonstrated his new techniques he learned in the Rosenberg institute. Sadly due to the violent crisis in Venezuela I have been exposed to violence, robbing s at gun point, house robbery where I was nearly raped and have seen things nobody should see. Things like these I have tried to deal with myself, with the help of my family and psychological therapy, but I could still fell that the traumas had an effect on me. But it was the craniosacral therapy that helped me to deal with my traumas. Now even though I have the memory’s, the bad experiences is not an issue, it is not steeling my energy like before. These experiences awakened my interest, and I wanted to be able to help people like myself, and I really enjoy my work.

forside2Introducing Filip, I am Danish I worked 20 years as a window cleaner, but I felt like a change where needed, my body began to feel worn out. About 14 years ago I suffered from a whiplash, at the time I did not know, that this would have a big effect on me. At first I was OK, but then the neck pain appeared and for many years I had a constant pain in my neck, that I got a costumed to. Later on it began to effect my sleep, and this was the worst, sometimes when I had crises, I only slept like 4 or 5 hours a night for months. Gradually my sleep has improved, and with Jasmines treatment I found my sleep and I even sleep better now, then before the accident. If you ever had sleeping disorders, maybe you can imagine how it feels to finally have a good sleep, feels like finding a treasure. What drives me on my work as therapist, is that I have a lot of ambition for every client, I want to perform my absolute best every time. And even after almost 10 years the real pay for me is when the client says that I made difference.
Jasmin and Filip, both work in altea-massage as therapists. We are very versatile and therefore we are able to deal with a lot of issues that the client may have. In our manual therapy we work with cranio-sacral therapy, organ therapy, Thomas Myers anatomy trains, energy muscle technique, Rosenberg technique. The reason for using all these techniques will be explained best if we go trough them shortly.
Cranio-sacral therapy is the very gentle, but very direct, with these techniques we are able manipulate with cranial bones, neck and back issues like alignment problems. For whiplash and stress issues the cranial-sacral therapy is very effective.
1385229302Thomas Myers anatomy trains, is the techniques that feels most like common massage but still it variate a lot. With Myers techniques we work very holistic, structural, always trying to improve motion in the tissue. Like a thigh in some cases only 50% is moving proper the rest is stiff, our goal is always to bring back the motion in the tissue.
Rosenberg technique, is a fascia technique, with this technique we are able to remove hard tissue like scar tissue. if a client has a scar this will be the first we will work on, scar tissue is often the cause of for an example back issues. it is surprisingly easy to remove scar tissue to remove half a cesarean scar takes around 15 minutes.
P1000621Energy muscle technique, we mostly use this on the hip, this is very effective to make the very strong muscles in the hip relax, elderly people always has these muscles to tight. this affect the ability to walk, and hip pain can be annoying when you sit or sleep. Energy muscle technique is a series of pain free stretches, and after a manipulation of the hip if necessary. This is our latest addition and we found this very beneficial, for lower back issues, and many have said that the ability to walk has improved.
spine-organ-correlation-connected-all-organs-can-cause-pain-different-parts-body-autonomic-nervous-62368019Organ therapy is a manual therapy for the organs. With this we can improve the breathing, we have a heart technique, that some clients has enjoyed. Fallen kidney or dropped kidney is very common and with a simple technique, we put the kidney back where it belongs. If a client returns with the same issue in the back I will check the diagram, figure out which organ influences the vertebrae, and then give the specific organ a manual therapy.


In the end we would like to quote our client Arne, when I am back in Norway I will go and talk to my doctor, because he told me there is nothing I could do to get better, and already after the first session with Filip I am better. Like Arne we can help you, already after the first session you will feel changes. Both of us love our job and we would love to help you also.